Octagonal Overdose
Octagonal Overdose by sst13

Octagonal Overdose (map-13octo) is an amazing map from sst13. The E8 texture set by Evil Lair is used very well and the architecture of the map is perfectly designed. The lighting is at the right level, it is combined well with the textures to clearly mark which base you are in and creates the theme and atmosphere of the map as well as creating shadows and the colour of the lights make the map aesthetic.

The design and layout is really good with the center area of each base and the interlocking of both bases is outstanding. The item placement is excellent with 2 Yellow Armors in each base and the 4 Armor Shards next to the flag in the flag room of each base, the MegaHealth in the center of the map and all the items seem to be on their own level and are in various locations around the map so it is an even mixture of armor, ammo and weapons.

The gameplay is intense and requires team work to obtain the enemy flag and bring it back to your base as well as retrieving your teams flag from the enemy. Bots navigate the whole level but they do not travel to the bottom levels of the map a lot except for picking up weapons, ammo and armor - so there is more action on the higher levels. Bots tend to take the teleport on level 3 and work their way up to the enemies flag and reverse the process back to their base. The Connectivity is quite good with the 3 teleports in each base, the plentiful amount of pathways to the enemies flag as well as the jumpad in the center of each base on level 1 which leads you to the flag room on level 4.

Octagonal Overdose is mainly a CTF map but also supports and is optimized for the FFA and TDM game types. The differences from CTF to FFA and TDM is the Rail Gun is replaced with the Lightning Gun, the MegaHealth is replaced with the Rail Gun, the Lightning Gun is replaced with the Plasma Gun and the Plasma Gun is replaced with a +50 Health Ball. One more difference is that there are additional jumpads added to FFA and TDM which are not added in the CTF game type.

The sky box is very atmospheric and aesthetic with several different shades of purple mixed in with a shade of black. Octagonal Overdose also includes the "sonic3" music file by Sonic Mayhem which plays in the background.

The force fields are a nice feature to the map delaying the enemy from getting your teams flag back to their base and vice versa, as well as the secret room which holds a hologram of the map layout and escape routes for both bases (CTF) and holds a MegaHealth and Rocket Launcher (FFA and TDM).

An amazing map from sst13 and should be in a CTF, TDM or FFA players collection. A recommended download from me.

Reviewed by PaN61

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (7 votes)

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