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Octagonal Overdose
__________________ Octagonal Overdose ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ Game : Quake 3 Arena Map Title : Octagonal Overdose (by sst13) Map Filenames : 13octo.bsp Relase Date : 25. April 2010 Author : Stefan Scholz "aka sst13 / [FDK]Railraver" e-Mail : **email removed** Author Homepage : www.sst13.de Description : CTF map with several vertical levels. (very experimental layout) Also optimized for deathmatch with an additional room and jumppads. Hint : There's a hologram of the maplayout in a secret area. To find it, enter the hole above the megahealth with the spectator in ctf mode! Player : 6-10 Gametypes : CTF, FFA, TDM Botsupport : Yes New Textures : Yes, E8 - Evilspace (by Evil Lair), skybox (by unknown author) New Shaders : Yes New Sounds : Yes, wind.wav, windfly.wav (taken from Q1) New Models : Fireholder (by Oak) Box (by sst13) Windowframe (by sst13) Windowframe2red (by sst13) Windowframe2blue (by sst13) Editors used : Q3Radiant v2.02, Q3Map Explorer, q3map2 v2.5.14, q3ASE v1.5.3 Compile Machine : AMD 1800+ with 1GB RAM Compile Time : 80min Credits : id Software and all beta testers! ============================================================================= Flame Holder, by Oak ============================================================================= Title : Flame Holder Mapobject type : Stand still Date : May 25th 2000 Filename : md3-flameholder.pk3 Author : Oak Email Address : **email removed** Home Page : www.planetquake.com/OakShiro/ Program Used : 3dsMax 3 / N'pherno's MD3 compiler Additional Ideas / Remarks : Auhsan Main Gameplay Testing : Oak, Auhsan ============================================================================= * About * ============================================================================= This model is a base for the flames that can beplaced in Q3A maps. As you know, these flames are done by putting two planes together, that's why Auhsan wanted something to hide the base of them (a cross-like base isn't quite cool). So i did this model, it is a originality-less model, as long as it is, in fact the same podium model, created by kenneth Scott. The skin is also the same, so if you are going to put the shaded version, you won't need to add any model or skin to your map .pk3. As i already said, I took the podium model as "base" model, wich was created by Kenneth Scott, from Id Software. So all teh meritous stuff goes to him ============================================================================= * How to install the model * ============================================================================= Simply unzip the .pk3 file into your baseq3 directory. ============================================================================= * How to add this model to your maps * ============================================================================= Start Q3radiant and open/create the destination map for the model. Right click wherever you want and select the "misc-model" option. Close the browser and type this in the "key" and "value" boxes from the newborn floating window: Key: "model" Value: "models/mapobjects/flameholder/shaded.md3" "models/mapobjects/flameholder/unshaded.md3" Depending in which of the two versions you want to add. ============================================================================= * Permissions * ============================================================================= This mapobject may be electronically distributed only at no charge to the recipient, and may not be modified in any way. This text file must be included with the level. This mapobject may not be distributed on any CD-ROM without the prior, explicit consent of its author. You may run this mapobject on your server as long as no money is charged to players for playing on you server. ============================================================================= * IMPORTANT NOTE * ============================================================================= Remember that, in order that other players can see correctly the mapobjects in your map, you'll have to include at least every custom .tga (included in the mapobject .pk3 file) files you used in your zipfile at distribution. If you are going to display and distribute models or skins based on repositioning or recoloring existing id models and or skins, please note and include the proper id copyright information on the accompanying readme documentation. You should also attribute both the model and the skin to Kenneth Scott, the id artist who created the original for Quake 3 Arena. ============================================================================= ============================================================================= End of transmission
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