Carved Grounds
Carved Grounds (Tourney map or 2on2)
by Bliccer and g0th (

This is an entry for Maverick's Mapping Competition 2 (or NoGhost Mapping Competition2) in 2010.
a scify themed map mixed with some rocky caves

buildtime: 2-3 weeks
programs used: radiant, photoshop, modo
textures created from models and from

thanks to:
id software for q3
ydnar for a great compiling tool (q3map2)
maverickservers for the competition and the sponsors
Kaffeewunder for the hints!
playtesters: remis, MD, morbus
feedback givers: axbaby, dichtfux, Hipshot, Chretien, obsidian, Hell5pawn, cityy, akm, ShadoW, phantazm11
other participants for inspiration and motivation

want to use some of these textures contact **email removed**