Carved Grounds
Carved Grounds by Bliccer & g0th
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#6   28 Jan 2012
Excellent! :D
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2372
#5   22 Jun 2011
Liked the theme here.

Mark, that comment was just HUGE O_O

Also This is the longest review I've ever read! Just wow.

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Bliccer unregistered
#4   01 Dec 2010
Thanks Anthem for the review and thanks Mark for your positive comment. Nice to hear about your opinion.
btw Anthem: There are three towers :D (or only two? hm hm)
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Anthem Rep. 221
#3   21 Nov 2010
Na, the judging was fine. Trust me. Given the first 6 entries you should understand. Plus, this was made in 2 weeks. While it is impressive, there is still much that could have been bettered given more time. It's a great map, yes, but there were better. Also, about reviewing these maps and being a judge: I feel obligated to give these people their due exposure on this site by reviewing their maps when nobody else seems to want to. I didn't just rush in and try to review all the maps; I let them sit here for a bit hoping that others will want to review them. I feel as though these maps should be released on here as soon as possible because they truly are brilliant.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6420
#2   15 Nov 2010
OMFG!!! Just OMG... Guys, this is so, so beautiful and so, so clever. Visually the tele from the sg to rl looks a little cramped (but not out of place) and the exit from the ramp to ya a little low (depending upon your approach) but forgiveable compromises seeing everything else is so, so right. Pleases a variety of gametypes without compromise and aesthetically spot on and the geometry and distances are all just right and yet it still remains effortless... You guys rock! this is a bang up job. Damn Fine! With respect to the review - firstly i don't think it is ethical for a judge in a competition to be reviewing the entries as well. gOth and bliccer would have play tested the maps with themselves and friends - and it actually shows in the final results. Item placement and balance carries with it certain rules of thumb but these are not hard and fast - especially not with a map that has been designed to be playable as small ffa, tdm and tourney - there is room to move that will lend a map its individuality but as long as the genral rules are observed - as they have been here - they don't really need to be tested. That level of refinement is more at home in a map being designed for tourney alone - but even then - it is a matter of personal playing style and taste rather than an inarguable truth. Sometimes armour shards function as sound signs to give a players location away and not all of the jump platforms need to be used in a (curvi-)linear sequence of grabs. Those small areas are chokezones - and are often to be avoided - but one of many varying opportunities to rack up a frag. i'm wondering where these parts are that are constraining to gameflow - because to be honest i didn't notice any: i think the map flows nicely where cityy's entry for example is clumsy in many places - so i must be missing something. the map is designed with 2x2 tdm in mind which is why i guess it carries that feel the reviewer mentioned... i'm so sorry i only really hopped on here to complement the map - but seeing as the reviewer has invited response - i'm gonna be the one to give it. i just feel the review is so off track in this case and that would explain why it is 7th and not in the top 3 - were the judges a little off tap??? i'm sorry it just doesn't make any sense to me.
Edited: 15 Nov 2010 AEST
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cityy Rep. 373
#1   10 Nov 2010
A great map therefore you only spent like 2 and a half weeks on it - I really did not think you could do it so fast. The rock is the absolute highlight of the level for me - it looks just so cool. The rest of the level also looks great aswell - I really like the textures although some do not really fit in IMO. I can't say much about the gameplay as I did not have the chance to play it online but from testing it offline Id say it has a slight problem with the distance between items - the good map flow allows you to get from one place to another really quick.
In the end it's a great release that is well worth downloading - I hope to see more maps of you both in future. :)
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