The Good Place
The Good Place by DeathRock

A direct remake of the popular Quake tournament map The Bad Place.

As map remakes go, this is purely a change map items, convert texture format, compile and upload type of conversion. Apart from the addition of a couple minor scripts to modify a couple textures a tad bit, that is sadly how direct this conversion really is - overall there has been no attempt to do the original map any justice.

More importantly, no modifications have been done to area sizes, the general map structure or the item placement - all of which are necessary in order to compensate for the major differences in physics and item balance. The lighting is hideous as areas are either flatly lighten or suffer from a gross lack of lighting. The textures are the same blurry, low-res 256 color originals and as a result cheapens the playing experience even further.

Conclusion: If Quake 1 is your thing, there are definitely better remakes out there to play; SpAwN's version is far superior and gives little reason why you would want to play this one. I would strongly suggest that DeathRock does some research and beta testing before his next release.

It is not worth the download, it is not worth your time and was not even worth the authors time.

Reviewed by themuffinator

Ranked: 1.6 out of 5 (7 votes)

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