TSU-DROUND by Panda (Pantsu)

This map has been designed to be played with the Excessiveplus mod. It will not make any sense without the mod and will also be practically unplayable. It is not what one would call your ordinary CTF map. This map is REALLY unusual but not like that's a crime.

This CTF map takes place in a gigantic circular tube containing Red and Blue bases with no way to walk out. But with the SOD Style CTF Excessive Plus mod you could be bouncing all around the map like crazy and having fun. Without it-its completely unplayable.

Game flow? I couldn't find out because #1 No bot support to see how well it would be and #2 is that there were no Quake 3 Servers with this map. At least none I could find.

However you will be slipping and sliding all over the place because of its shape, and defending choke points have never been easier! Best part is, you can see the enemy base on the far side of the Cylinder-shaped structure. So you can see enemy defenses before needing to charge into it. And you cannot get inside the Cylinder without it only being the bases but you can not roam freely inside wherever you want.

A Cylinder shaped map with lots of slipping and sliding. You will have gobs 'O fun.

Reviewed by SW12

Update: A short video has been added that demonstrates how to travel from flag to flag in Excessive Plus. (11th Apr, 2011)

Ranked: 3.1 out of 5 (7 votes)

Download: TSU-DROUND by Panda (Pantsu)