The Longest yard remixed
The Longest yard remixed by Marcin S. & Sebastian G.

This map is a remix of the ever-popular q3dm17. This map refines almost half the map and adds 3 new passage ways and an extra teleporter. The texturing is largely the same as the original with slight variations in the secret room.

What makes this map cool? It is the way that all the teleporters and jump pads combine together. The weapon layout is good with an added BFG AND LG but you can not get the BFG. My only problem is that at first time glance you will not find your way around.

There are a few missing textures for the jumpads. Bot play is supported but they will never go to the secret room besides that they play OK.

So get this map and LAN it! 8/10


Tigs notes: The modifications and additions in my opinon remove a lot of the key game play elements of the original. The path to the new areas are difficult to navigate, overly complex and add nothing worth keeping to the game play. Q3DM17 has been turned into a gimmicky item hunt where players disappear from the action to search. Collectors of Q3DM17 modifications may think differently.