Q by Pat Howard

This is the work of a professional. The theme, the visuals and the gameplay are all well thought out and creatively executed.

Gameplay has been thoroughly tested and it shows. The layout is at the same time simple, small and yet quite intricate. Teleporters and jumppads really help to keep the speed up make roaming fun and smooth. The author states that gameplay is "unique and very fast," and I agree. Bots seem to behave well enough, though some things (see the author's readme) are beyond them. Best played with only a handful, otherwise it gets crowded.

Graphically, this map is neat. Careful use of texture choice, moving brushes, ambient sounds and a beautiful skybox (one of Hipshot's) all come together. The result is a NASA-esque structure that simply feels alive by its detail. Basically, this is more or less a space map, but it looks and plays better than any of those that I've seen before.

R_speeds are a little high (20k) in a few places, so people with older machines will notice some slowdown.

In short: a good looking map that plays well and just has that special something. I strongly recommend to download this one and I see no reason why it should not be a keeper for anyone.

Note: I am no Lost-viewer, so the ideas behind most of the easter eggs and secrets are lost on me.

Reviewed by Tabun

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (54 votes)

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