October 7th, 2009

General Info...

Title: Q
Filename: phdm2.pk3
Gametype: FFA, Tourney
Genre: Space
Capacity: 2 - 4 players
Author: Pat Howard
Email: **email removed**


Background Info...

Q is my second Deathmatch release for Q3A. The layout was inspired by the
LOST episode "?". If you take a look from a bird's eye view, you should
see the LG platform and the bouncer up to it as a big question mark.
That's basically how the floorplan started; I just drew a question mark
on a piece of paper and went from there. I'm pretty proud of how the game-
play turned out - it's unique and very fast.

Textures used are mainly evil1/2/3/8, base and many I made or modified
on my own. I was trying to achieve some kind of space station that looks
high tech and sterile on the outside, but whenever you go closer and
catch a glimpse of the guts of it, you realize that on the inside, the
place is actually a dark, tangled mess of wires and supports.

Since the map was inspired by a LOST episode, I thought it would be fun
to throw some LOST related easter eggs in there. There is one BIG secret
area and eleven extra mini-secrets scattered around the rest of the map.
All the sounds that you hear while getting to the secret area and while
inside it are sounds from the show. Also, I should note that the high
speed wind sound as you go off the double bouncer from the RL is the
sound of a LOST flashback mixed with a few other effects, and the engines
at the bottom of the map make the roar of a Boeing 757 engine idling (see

Performance turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I was able
to hint the map surprisingly well and most of the map should be fine on
today's systems. There are however some areas that which can see the whole
map from, and older systems will struggle with these. Notable trouble
spots are by the LG and the battle suit. Luckily these are small areas
from which little movement happens so it's not too noticeable. Overall I'm
very happy with the way the map runs.

Known bugs:
- Bots rarely use the teleporter. It's just a difficult shape to get them
to use and a botroam did more harm than good.
- Bots don't shoot through fences/grates.
- Bots don't pick up some ammo boxes (to get them around faster).
- If you get stuck in a solid brush (with /noclip or something) you get
squished... Yeah, I have no idea. Please e-mail me if you know what's caus-
ing this.

Misc. clarifications:
- MH spawns in as a QUAD 25% of the time, this means it's possible to get
multiple QUADS in a row. Respawn time is 40 seconds.
- Girders on mid-level that can see down to the lower-level are completely
nonsolid so you can shoot enemies through them. The ones that CAN'T see to
the bottom level are weaponclipped 1/4th of the way down for more effective
rocket/grenade splash.
- Many non metal/concrete surfaces are cushioned. The fallen elevator
platform that holds the YA is also cushioned.



id Software, ydnar, and Hr.O, Bert Peers, and $NulL, for a wonderful engine.

lvlworld.com, for hosting this map and its review.

www.levelmakers.com (especially spirit) and www.quake3world.com (especially Sock
AEon and Sock), for beta testing.

Yves Allaire for his "evil" texture packs.

Hipshot, for the awesome skybox. It is EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Speaker, for his skybox collection that helped me find Hipshot's work.

NaturalSpringWater and HollowFOOT, for testing and tons of ideas.

Sock, for helping me figure out -fixaas and tons of additional feedback.

wviperw, for his "Competitive Level Design Guide" which helped me make
this map's item placement 100x better.

lunaran, for his gameplay articles.

Sound Credits:

Fan sounds -

Reeouchi, www.soundsnap.com

yawfle, www.freesound.org/...sViewSingle.php

Wind sounds -

Percy Duke, www.freesound.org/...sViewSingle.php

pushtobreak, www.freesound.org/...sViewSingle.php

Engine sound -

gapdigital, www.soundsnap.com

LOST sounds -

www.losthatch.com, www.losthatch.com/soundeffects.aspx


Thanks everyone!


Distribution / Permissions

This map may only be redistributed with prior consent of the author,
Pat Howard, at NO CHARGE to the recipient.

You may NOT alter the state of this .pk3 file in any way.

If you want to use this map as a base or starting point for another,
please notify the author, Pat Howard, at the e-mail given above, and
credit me in your readme.