The First Step
by fKd
The First Step by fKd

The textures and music are traditional Q3A Industrial and are very nice. One thing you notice right away is the amount of detail the author has put into this map, especially with the brushwork and lighting. The map is pretty large and complex.

Unfortunately it took me about two whole minutes to find the enemy base and then two more to get back to mine. I played the map for the default eight minutes that are suggested and found myself running in circles back to my own base.

The problem here is that there are too many hallways and jump pads that lead to and from each base and to and from the central area of the map. There are also a large number of alcoves and dead end rooms that do not have anything in them, but look like they would.

As far as I could tell, the Haste and Quad are available in this map. Weapons, ammo, and armor are generously spread throughout the map.

The bots seemed to navigate from base to base fairly well, but did not bother going for Haste or Quad.

Overall this map turned out to be a treasure hunt for the enemy flag with random weapons popping up in random corridors.

Get it if you can hold a complex floor plan in your head. I'm guessing due to the complexity this one will not last long.

Reviewed by Meymoon

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (21 votes)

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