The Proving Grounds CTF - Extended
The Proving Grounds CTF - Extended by sst13

A good looking map that extends the original Q3 Proving Grounds map with mirrored sides for team player support. The author has made good use multi-layered connections between both sides. Each team has a very easy to spot red/blue theme so you never wonder who's base you are in. Weapons are scattered around in easy to reach spots, each team is given a single Guard and Double power-up. Bot play is very smooth, even when up to 16 bots are in the map. The grenade launcher makes this map a lot of fun with the multiple levels of travel.

Travelling around the map is easy, you don't hang anywhere. Hallways are wide in some areas and narrow in others, makes for good close contact fraggin' and long distance sniping. The only thing that detracts from the map are the jumps after the teleporters in each base. The pit between where you land and where the rest of the level connects is just a tad bit too far to jump at full speed. Almost have to do a good strafe jump to make the distance, so that may discourage or annoy any players not confident in their strafe jumping skills from ever using it or trying to retrieve the armor. The bots also seem to avoid the area at all cost.

The map follows the Quake III texture and layout tradition, so expect to have a lot of fun on this map whether you play CTF, One Flag, Overload or Harvester.

Reviewed by KnightMB

Ranked: 4.6 out of 5 (31 votes)

Download: The Proving Grounds CTF - Extended by sst13