The Proving Grounds CTF - Extended
Screenshot for The Proving Grounds CTF - Extended by sst13
Added: 20 Sep, 2008   More than 10 years old A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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19 Jul 2018
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This is one hell of a great map! Been waiting a long time for your conversion of q3tourney3 as well as the others your working on, keep up the awesome mapping man, people really do appreciate your work! Hell yeah, Thanks!
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25 Jan 2013
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Love the map
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07 Jan 2012
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Amazing design of the map.
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09 Mar 2011
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very good map, i like ctf version of the original q3 maps. this also works for team arena for more action! an excellent addition to your hard drive
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08 Mar 2011
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one of the best ctf maps ever! 10/10
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21 Oct 2010
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One of the best maps I've ever had the pleasure of downloading, keep up the good work sst13
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21 Sep 2008
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Nice!!!....someone can put it on a server?
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21 Sep 2008
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This is the extended version of:
Hint: The portable teleporter brings you direct into the enemy base.

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