Thunderlipps - A New Beginning
Thunderlipps - A New Beginning by Killumall

Thunderlipps take you back to the roots of FFA death match with multiple levels, many connecting rooms, secrets, and newbie death traps. The maps is composed of 3 levels, one up high that gives a good sniper vantage, the middle area in which the rocket launcher cleans house, and the lower level where the plasma gun lives.

The flow and layout of the map is smooth, no problems running around. The map is well optimized for slower machines, but does not sacrifice quality to achieve this. Most of the action is centered on the middle floor because the top of bottom floors take you away from the action to grab a Quad Damage or haste power up. Bot support works fine, though the bots mainly stay on the middle floor, ever so often venturing to the bottom or top floor to grab a power up.

The author covered all the bases of good map production, using good textures, a good level shot, proper set-up to start the map right from the Quake 3 GUI, map optimizations for speed, and even choosing a music track to go with the level. You should have no problems getting your buddies to join a fun frag fest on this map.

Reviewed by KnightMB

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (12 votes)

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