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Thunderlipps - A New Beginning
27May02 ================================================================ Title : Thunderlipps - A New Beginning Filename : Tlipps_nu Author : Killumall E-mail : **email removed** Description : Quake III: FFA level ================================================================ * Description * The map was made for Thunderlipps q3 servers Http://www.thunderlipps.com where I spend most of my free time playing with a fine bunch of folks:) This is my very first public release of a quake3 map. The project was fun and a good learning experience. I look forward to new and improved maps in the future providing that all who helped can put up with me for additional releases :) Configured for fast action ffa, my favorite type of map. Can't really put a player limit on it, but it was intended to insanely hold 13 peeps if it had to for some good old shootem ups. There is a bfg in this map, but you'll die a 1000 deaths trying to get it. It was placed in the level for the pure fun of watching newbies kill themselves :) There is a secret area in the map, nothing much, but exciting the first time you find it. The goodies make the visit worth while. I'm not going to tell you how to find it, figure it out :) There's alot of camping spots for Jega, by far the most talented camper I've ever seen :) The map is viewed best with high graphics and texture detail settings, with lightmap and dynamic lighting turned on. * Construction * editor: Q3Radiant 2.02 public release known bugs: bots are retarded in this map :) build time: on and off about a month or so compile time: bsp_fullvis (light -extra) = 15 minutes compile machine: Athlon 1.4ghz, 768MB RAM, 7200RPM ata100 HD, GeForce4 Ti4600 technical notes: Was able to get the r_speeds and fps to acceptable levels throughout the map based on the q3radiant docs by Paul Jaquays, ID software. * Credits * ========================================================================== Textures: ========================================================================== Textures from Dubbilan (www.planetquake.com/dubbilan/) dub_blocks.jpg dub_castle1.jpg dub_floor1.jpg dub_floor2.jpg Oldwood.jpg Textures from Oscar DA Grump, Chief Administrator (www.thunderlipps.com) Too many to list here :) see them all in the game. ========================================================================== Mapobjects/Models: ========================================================================== QKennyQ (qkennyq.tripod.com/) Smokes beercans barrels eaglebanner IDmapobjectpack Kevin Kolk aka Cyber (www.accn.org/~kkolk/) Skeletons Model Add-on for Quake 3: Arena ===================================================== SKYBOX ===================================================== Sky By Dash www.planetquake.com/dash/ ==================================================== Custom Shaders ==================================================== I made the animated lippsflag from Oscar's original webart, by adding the shader script and alpha channel. ========================================================================== Thanks : ========================================================================== Special thanks to Oscar Da Grump (AKA) Thunderlipps for his excellent custom textures. Thanks to the Q3W Level Editing Forum. Thanks to Claudecs Lair for the long link list of great places to learn. Thanks to Bill Brooks (fps.brainerd.net/) for his mapping tutorials and the mapmodels pages. Thanks to Thunderlipps, Megaman, Jega, OneNutt, and anyone else who helped me out with the beta testing and input. Thanks to PVcomm and Thunderlipps for hosting the great game server that inspired me to do this. Thanks to ID software for the greatest game ever to date. Thanks to anyone I may have missed for helping me with this project. ========================================================================== * Copyright / Permissions * ========================================================================== Copyright (2002) by Killumall. All rights reserved. Authors may NOT change this level or use it as a base for their own levels. This map may be distributed in anyway you like, provided you include this text file UNMODIFIED and distribute it without any cost whatsoever. CD-ROM publishers and other commercial people need my written permission before they can distribute this level. All custom textures, sounds, and mapobjects in this map are property of their respective owners. Thank you and Enjoy :)
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