The Simpsons Map
The Simpsons Map by Maggu

As the name suggests this is a very accurate replica of the neighbourhood of the animated FOX series, The Simpsons. Lover's of beautiful maps will slaver to get their hands on this! The map is full of amazing details. You can run through the house of the Simpsons, visit their Living room, go to Bart's and Lisa's rooms, even the Bathroom is fully walkable.

But that's still not the end, this map is big. You can visit Moe's, The Kwik-e Mart, Bart's and Lisa's school and many more, to make it short: all the cool places you know from the TV series.

But all this has a price: be sure you have enough free memory, set at least 128 MB as hunk_megs! A strong CPU is also a must, because there are many little details like furniture which let rise the poly count.

There is not much I could say about playability, just that this map is only suitable for really big fun matches, you will need lots of people to get speed into the gameplay.

If you are only interested in gameplay, you may want to skip this one as the visuals have been the focus and goal of the map. Bot's seem to have a few issues, be sure to take a look into the maps readme.

For all those, like me, who love detailed and atmospheric maps, this is the one of the best maps to date, a real keeper! Maggu, we want a child from you ;D

Reviewed by wakey

Tigs very important notes: You will require the latest video card drivers from your video card maker (for example, ATi / AMD / Radeon or NVIDIA) AND a video card that is better than a GeForce 4 Ti (128MB). I have been able to reproduce the loading issue with a GeForce 4 Ti (128MB), and this was even after compressing all the textures. The issue appears to be related to the fact that over 700 textures are in use and the texture memory (texels) is more than 4 times that of most maps. If you are having an issue loading this map, please check in the comments for some possible tips and tricks. (28th Dec, 2008)

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (1393 votes)

Download: The Simpsons Map by Maggu