The Simpsons Map
The Simpsons Map
for Quake III Arena by Maggu
IMPORTANT information:

First of all you have to put the "simpsons.pk3" into your c:\games\Quake III Arena\baseq3 folder

!!! READ THIS!!!

This map needs more resources than the original Quake 3 maps. So you have to free more memory for the game.
Otherwise you get the "hunc_allocate failed at xxxxx" error.

To do this, start the game, open the console with "^" and press backspace (<-) 2 times.
Then type "/seta com_hunkmegs 100" and press enter, then restart the game. THAT's IT!

An alternative way:
you could also open the q3config.cfg filen in ...\Quake III Arena\baseq3 with your texteditor,
and search for "com_hunkmegs" (should be one of the last lines), then set the value there.

The game will now free 100MB for itself, instead of 64MB.
If the error still occures, try higher values, but never moren than 2/3 of your system memory! Maximum is 255MB...
Release Notes:

Duke Nukem Forever syndrom cured, map out now!
Test it, play it, and have fun with Spiderpig. (Shoot pigtrails and see what happens... ;))

This is an allroundmap:

-Capture the Flag
-Free For All
-Team Deathmatch


Some Issues:

!!! - Never start a server with more than 1 bot, just add them when you're ingame. Otherwise you'll get: Z_Malloc: failed on allocation... ERROR
- The colors are a little f**ked up in windowed mode, because I used some new type of colorshader
to improve the performance (thx ydnar!). This is a sideeffect
- No decals and lighteffects on street and some other textures...because quake 3 engine doesn't support "real" decal shaders, sp this is a comrpimise...
- I messed up a little with the size of the buidlings and furniture...the player was bigger in ET
- The flags won't disappear in FFA and TDM mode, just ignore them.
- It's a bit hard to leave the pool, tried to clip, but nothing really helped...

If you find some more let me know.



Better late than never i guess...
After releasing springfield_pb for Enemy Territory, i worked very little on the map. It became just too big and
i couldn't handle it anymore. So i decided to give up mapping. Now, 2 years later or something, I decided that this was
unfinished business. I wanted to bring this map back to it's roots. First I ported the whole springfield map to Quake,
then I saw it was too big, not playable. So I made it a lot smaller and improved gameplay and performance.
Now it's a little allroundmap, with some new gags, a !!!secret chamber!!!, and a lot of fun, i hope.

(HINT: Find the chamber inside of the biggest building, it will open, when you shoot THE symbol there... And you'll get a surprise!)

Thanks to:

ratty redemption

Thanks for your support. You guys rule.

If you have questions or if you want to report some bugs or stuff,don't hesitate, write me an e-mail to:

**email removed**

I'd be happy if you give me some feedback

Legal Stuff:

This map is based on the TV-Show The Simpsons, so no, I'm not the inventor of all this content.
I just brought to the game what I saw on TV and i had to be a litte creative with linking all the places.
Was a hell lot of work.
I'm not gonna make money with this, that's not my intention. It's just kinda tribut to the simpsons.
So FOX, please don't sue my ass.