where fears collide
where fears collide by spirit

Where fears collide by spirit aka dichtfux, is a map built with a different concept for CTF matches. One on One capture the flag is a highly competitive sort of game where one wrong move when running the flag could make you lose quickly. The map spawned from an idea of a CTF duel mappack that was being worked on over at the Q3W Forums.

The map was designed to be played in CPMA as the layout is set up for the use of ProMode physics to make your way through the map and reach spots that can only be made using them.

The map uses the DSI texture pack from Evillair, and a QuakeWorld teleporter from Jude and Decker which has been slightly modified. The bots play pretty good, but I suggest if your going to play against bots that you load it up as a 2vs2, or 2 of them against you.

It's a good map, along with a good idea. Check it out.

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