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where fears collide
*** spirit3ctfduel1 - where fears collide *** for quake III arena / cpma by spirit GENEREAL MAP DATA ================== MAP NAME : spirit3ctfduel1 VERSION : final LONGNAME : where fears collide PK3.NAME : spirit3ctfduel1.pk3 GAME TYPES : ctf MODS : recommended: CPMA - www.promode.org/ MAP THEME : modern BASE : new map from scratch BUILD TIME : a few days COMPILE TIME : few minutes @ Pentium M-1500 STUFF USED : * qeradiant 1.5 * q3map2 * pakscape * mirix v2 RELEASE DATE : 18-jul-2007 COMPILATION : * map: q3map2 -meta -vis -light -fast -filter -super 2 -bounce 2 * bots: bspc -optimize -forcesidesvisible -bsp2aas spirit3ctfduel1.map FILE SIZE : ~ 2 MB NOTES : This map was made to have a map that plays well with fewer player then most CTF maps are designed for (usually 4vs4/5vs5). The map was initially designed for the idea of a 1vs1 CFT mappack over at q3w. It has evolved a bit and can handle more than 2 players though. I prefer 2vs2, but you have some real intense action at 3vs3. CPM is recommended. HOW TO INSTALL AND PLAY ======================== Install: * place spirit3ctfduel1.pk3 in your /baseq3/ folder Play: * start quake3 * select spirit3ctfduel1 from the skirmish or multiplayer menu OR * start quake3 * hit ~ (to bring up in-game console) * type '\map spirit3ctfduel1' * type '\addbot <botname> <skill>' (to add bots) * hit ~ (to clear the console) GAMEPLAY ========= MODE : CTF BOTS : xaero doom uriel phobos WEAPONS : 2 RL, 3 RG, 2 LG, 2 GL, SG, PG ITEMS : 2 YA, 1 MH, various health and shards 3 JA (CPMA only) POWERUPS : none AUTHOR INFO ============ NAME : spirit CONTACT : see www.sp1r1t.org/contact/ WWW : maps.sp1r1t.org CREDITS ======== This map uses artwork made by the following people: * Quakeworld Teleporter by Jude and Decker (slightly modified by me) * DSI texture pack by evillair - evillair.net/ * CTF textures by threewave software - threewavesoftware.com/ * flares from the q3workshop flares tutorial by KnightBK - qworkshop3.pl...quake.gamespy.com * the green water shader (based on an original id shader) was modofied with the help of a bunch of people over at q3w, including shallow, obsidian, o'dium and pjw This CTF map was rotated using MiriX v2.0 by skwasjer: * planetquake.g...e3.Detail&id=1734 NOTES ON THE MAKING OF THIS MAP ================================ This release includes the source files of the level, please don't abuse this (see COPYRIGHT / PERMISSIONS below). Here is a short description of the files: * spirit3ctfduel1-work.map : half of the map (the blue part), I only edit this in Radiant * spirit3ctfduel1.map : the complete map (red and blue half), this file is generated by Mirix from the blue half by rotating the brushes and everything. textures, spawns, location messages etc are automatically replaced/adjusted. This file is compiled to the bsp file, spirit3ctfduel1.bsp * spirit3ctfduel1-center.map: the parts of the map in the very center of the map (the PG, SG and a launchpad) that do NOT need to be duplicated and rotated by Mirix. Other files of interest for Mirix: * textures.txt : my substitution list for textures * spirit3ctfduel1.mir : Mirix project file for the map, tells it what to rotate/replace/where to write output etc THANKS ======= * some friends I tested the map with, you know who you are * the guys over at the q3w and map-center forums for comments and feedback * q3w - www.quake3world.com/forum/ * mc - www.map-center.com/forums/ * lvl for hosting and feedback - lvlworld.com COPYRIGHT / PERMISSIONS ======================== This level is (c) by spirit (2007). The source files of this map (the .map-files made by me, NOT THE TEXTURES AND ASSETS!) are published under the GPL license and may be freely distributed. See www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html for the full GNU General Public License. Just to clarify things: * Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels. * You MAY distribute this .pk3/.zip through the internet, FTP, local BBS, CDs etc. * You MAY mirror it, give it to your friends, review it etc. * The textures used in this map are NOT available under the GPL, see the copyright notes of the authors for more info. You can find the authors listed in the CREDITS section of this document. VERSION HISTORY ================ changes beta1 => beta2 * changed JPs: they have a direction now instead of pushing you upwards only * added 1 +25H per base (near LG / RG ammo on lower level) * water in the center is green, more opaque now and has fog layer (thanks q3w!) * added 1 JA in the center of the map (under the bridge) * added tele and RG in the center * area above flags redesigned (no tele+back-dropdown to flag anymore) * bridge in the center is shielded a bit * added lots of clipping * added pipes under water * added armor shards on bridge changes beta2 => beta3 * clipped lamps in lower bases (near YA) * adapted some textures (JPs) * minor brushwork changes at base windows * made passage near RG much bigger * made landing on bridge after PG-JP easier * lowered JA under water to keep players from accidently missing it * added more variation in the ceiling height in the central area changes beta3 => final * map renamed ;-)
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