by Rota
KARIN by Rota

KARIN by Rota is a medium-sized FFA-map in a modern tech theme that makes excellent use of textures made by Sock, Speedy and Evillair. The architecture also looks very refreshing and goes well with the silver and blue textures, creating the dense atmosphere of fast fighting in a future space station or starship. The map is made up of three height levels connected via jumppads and stairs that allow for lots of intense vertical action, especially due to the arena-style of the map. Item placement is well done in general, though the lower level could maybe use a stronger reason to travel there.

It may take you a few seconds to figure out where you are after respawning in the beginning because all three levels look very similar, but this is a very minor issue. Bots play well and grab everything available on the map.

This map is a great piece of work that FFA players should get immediately - and they'll keep it. Even if you're not that into FFA, give this one a try and enjoy its atmosphere!

Reviewed by spirit

Update: The download link is now for an optimised, higher frame rate version than was originally released. (30.Aug.2007)

Ranked: 4.4 out of 5 (44 votes)

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