Let Me Go
Let Me Go by DOOMer

Let me go is a small DM map that is best suited for 3 players FFA. It uses the eq2 textures by Evillair, and this is a good choice as the architecture and layout of the map also makes one think of Quake 2. The map could maybe use a bit more height variation in some places, but is far from being flat. Some of the rooms and corridors feel a bit empty and could use some more detail, but this somehow adds to the Quake 2 feeling. Texturing and lighting are well done and the map is clipped flawlessly, which allows for ease of movement even in thick combat.

The map is centered around a lowered RL area with some corridors and rooms surrounding it. The layout feels good and item placement is solid. I especially like the MH spot. Some of the pickups should have been moved more to the center of the corridors. Bots play the map well and seem to go for every item available.

A very solid release that FFA players should get. Some more vertical action would have made this map even better, but I'll keep it for a while anyway.

Reviewed by spirit

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (14 votes)

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