Floating Stonefaces
Floating Stonefaces by sst13

A small sized CTF/Proball map, in a nice Comic-style. It consists out of some little rocks/islands which are floating in the sky. Due to the Celshading look the textures are all flat-shaded, nevertheless the map looks very interesting, at least also because the exceptionally setting, nice architecture and the new comic-like effects for the weapons/items. Gameplay is really simple in FFA and CTF, the only weapon you have is the rocketlauncher, so the gameplay in these modes mostly consists of bouncing your enemy's into the void. In Railarena it plays a lot better, due to it's spacemap like layout. But it's real strength shows up in the Proball mod, for which it is the fastest, most original and funniest map I've seen in a long time. Bot's play surprisingly good on this map.

You must really give this map a try if you like unconventional Quake 3 maps, and if you play Proball it's really worth keeping.

Reviewed by wakey

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (40 votes)

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