Hastenpu by Takkie

Another great map from Takkie. This map seems like a good balance between 2 of his previous maps. It retains the 1024^3 size but seems larger than pohan3dm2, yet smaller than pohan3dm1 with better flow.

Layout is an open, 6 level box. Stairs spiral around the outside walls with the most cover given by the lowest level. The only enclosed hallways are located there as well as the GL for spamming grenades in said hallways. Simple textures and lava colored walls leave a no-nonsense feel to the map. One teleporter and 2 jumppads keep the map well connected. The Rail Gun is located low to prevent snipers up high, but the higher area does not have a good view of the lower levels anyway. However, in some locations you can spot the enemy and drop almost straight from the top for some "death from above" lovin'.

One of each weapon is included with no BFG, no powerups, no ammo, one YA, and little health. A Bot file is included and they play very well. Gameplay is fast and unnerving as someone is always popping up behind you. The author suggests up to 4 players and possible team play. I haven't tried it, but would suspect 4 people to get crowded in a hurry.

I love these small Tourney maps from Takkie, and I hope they keep coming.

Reviewed by remnent

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (14 votes)

Download: Hastenpu by Takkie