JUL18 by Julek

This is the second released map from the author, and he obviously likes little Tourney maps with simple color schemes. The readme says DM- up to 3 ppl (he's a true sadist). Any more than 2 people and this becomes a telefragging frenzy (there are 4 teleporters). This also makes it difficult to track down your enemy even though there is so little space.

Green industrial textures cover the walls with floor markers for weapons, health, ammo, etc. The architecture is simple with large, flowing curves at corners and side alcoves. The bottom floor forms a figure 8, and the upper floor is a circle with a center pillar and open to the sky above. Every outer wall has a wide alcove which houses weapons, health, jumpads or teleporters. Weapons include RL, SG, PG, LG with some ammo, health and RA. The upper floor has less health to discourage camping.

Lighting is very flat, it's hard to tell where you are on the bottom floor and some lighting highlights would have been helpful. Otherwise, the map is well built. Gameplay is like this: grab weapon, shoot, kill/die, rinse, repeat.

There's no stealth here, just run and gun - if you like that, grab a copy.

Reviewed by remnent

Ranked: 4.4 out of 5 (25 votes)

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