850 Viewcams for Osp
by v1|3
850 Viewcams for Osp by v1|3

850 viewcams by v1|3 is a something that will change the way OSP feels for all of those who have played the Mod over the years.

It offers in-game camera views which can be used when you are in spectator mode. The viewcams give you the ability to watch a certain player or bot move through a map without having to view it through their eyes, like the game normally has it.

When at the end of a match and you are looking at the final scoreboard, it will cycle through the different pictures of the maps viewcam shots.

OSP gave the ability to make something like this over the years, and now it has finally been done.

v1|3 originally created them as a sort of screensaver for his favourite custom maps, and it turned into 850 of them.

You will need to have the OSP mod (CPMA is basically the same as OSP, without the support the viewcams, which is a shame as they are a very cool feature.

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Download: 850 Viewcams for Osp by v1|3