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850 Viewcams for Osp
by v1|3
_____________________ 850 Viewcams for Osp _____________________ INSTRUCTIONS: Place the cfg-viewcam folder within your Osp Folder. DESCRIPTION OF USE: Viewcams are camera's which are set up within a custom map (for q3a) when your playing in Osp, which allows you to view the other players/bots running around the map as if your watching a movie of sorts. Somewhat the same sort of thing as what you see when you watch a football game or any other sport. You have to be in spectator mode, when another player/bot is in the server with you. Click once (when in spectator) to view through the players eyes, than click one more time, then you'll be viewing them through the viewcams. If you want to view one of the other players, it takes three more click...so on and so on. NOTE: I have made eight-hundred and fifty viewcams (hence the name), and placed them within this .pk3 file to cover every Q3 Custom map ever made over the last seven years that I thought was worth the time to download and play at least once. I'm sure that there are many good ones that I have missed also. If you would like to know what maps I did viewcam's for, I suggest that you use your Winzip and open up the .pk3 and look at the mapnames within. I would type their names down, but eh...no thanks. =) A good part of the maps, are maps that I'll always love. There are many maps that I did, that some of you will wonder why I wasted the time laying camera's on a crappy map. I figure that every map ever created is liked by somebody, even if it's only the mapper that made it. CONSTRUCTION: Made using OSP versions - 0.99w, 1.0, and 1.03. THANKS: ID Software Jason "Rhea" Keimig Kevin "arQon" Blenkinsopp www.promode.org/ Sander "Dessignator" Brandenburg Harvey "]R[Papa" Morris Jens "Khaile" Bergensten Michael "PhaNToM" Billing Tigger-oN lvlworld.com/ All of the people that made these custom maps or helped the mappers make them, but these ones specifically(in no specific order): DruZli, SHoD, Nunuk, Bal, Mr.CleaN, Teddy, clem, JaLisK0, Charon, Polo, Geit, random, SgtGhost, Publius, Drunken Boxer, EvilLair, Decker, Amethyst7, Akuma, Auhsan, <|3FG20K>, ButterB, Poub, iX, Myth, (tm)centaura, r_speeds, Hubster, blemish, Lunaran, acid, cha0s, ninemil, dONKEY, dragee, Electro, Killazontherun, cardigan, PattyLynn, stecki, GlassMan, Hal9000, Quakeulf, }{ammer, g1zm0, JustOneFiX, kat, Kit Carson, Krash, Lukin, Laerth, Lloyd Morris, McBugzz, Killer, Munyul Verminard, mIKE, Jax Gator, Bubba, Kai, psion, Speedy, Ydnar, Kell, aEON, thefury aka sumatra, dAde, Eraser, NemiX, Painter, ShadoW(Poland), Requiem, SithLord, Q-Fraggel, Quaker-X, rfw, RasputiN, Kaziganthe, stiven, Paul Jaquays, StormShadow, Anwulf, swar)v(, Rorshach, redfella, natestah, skinNCNmaster, rgoer, boot louie, Thunda, TymoN, Tymo, MJK, x0r, Yogi, ROODOG, Twisted, unitool, [FSF]Moses, Goose, Castle, James McDonough, Tscaboid, megaman, Fjoggs, Priv, jude, Hipshot, Knight Lore''FC, LordSquart, newborn, [acid], voodoochopstiks, sst13, Lemon Head, =PiT=Leone, Snotman, Vondur, Kamarov, Juz, JUGULATOR, Havoc, Juggernaut, Johan Nilsson, jex, Fingers, Zdim, Wren Hong & Johnny Hong, RRROOOAAARRR, gloogun, Flusyndrome, GAEL, Fusion, Foo, 79DieselRabbit, Friction, Firestarter, Q, KILLSPY, EraSerX, g1zm0, Priv, Garlical Onion, Vymmiatacz, Shub-Niggurath, Daemion, Cyben, CHICKENTEAM, [BKA]Cu$ith, Sock, MasterPlan, Druss, QkennyQ, nihil, shadowland2000, quint, papri-K, Brenda EM, Mr.LyCon, LEVELORD, AsNagrim, Kona, Peej, Scampie, Andeh, ALMighty, Bunker, BodyCounter[APS], kirk eichler, Black Dog, Amphetamine, sidious23, and last but not least...Swelt, PJW, and wVIPERw. -Without all of these people, none of this would exist. To those that I missed, my apologies. Looking for OSP? www.fileplane...tion/Quake-Series www.planetquake3.net/ -or Use google and pick a site =o If your on dial-up, and want a quick download of Osp, download version 0.99w All of these cams were constructed by David "v1|3" Quast (**email removed**) -hf =) and... \callvote promode 1 !!!!!
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