prejudice by spirit

At a first glance this map may seem like boxed map with not much of a game play, but once you start playing it and take a good look around it becomes a map well worth having on a server for some human play. The author added some Gothic like walls, windows and structures around the borders which take away that feeling of a boxed map.

Visually it is not that impressive but it sure makes up for it with good game play and an overall fun map to play. With good item placement and plenty of room to straft jump around, the map gives you many routes for a good Tourney match, 4 or 5 player FFA or even some TDM. On the read me it recommends 2 on 2 TDM but I say you could go 3 on 3, sense there is plenty of weapons for everyone, maybe one too many.

Map has all weapons except BFG, two YA and a MH which you have to rocket jump to get to. Bots play well, but get predictable after a few rounds like in all maps.


Reviewed by Rome

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (11 votes)

Download: prejudice by spirit