Lithium Flower
Lithium Flower by NemiX

Reviewing this release leaves me with a somewhat bitter-sweet taste in my mouth. I've jumped in a little late to the Q3A mapping scene and I'm sad to see that this is to be NemiX's last for Q3. I wish I'd come along sooner to see his craft progress in real time.

Sentimental stuff aside, this is one of the best industrial-themed maps I've had the pleasure to play. This map contains many tight corridors, multiple levels of play and some very unsuspecting pass-throughs for candid shots on unsuspecting victims. The amount of visual detail in this is amazing, and is complimented with a very fluid gameplay. Bots didn't seem to get hung up anywhere and proved an entertaining challenge on more difficult settings. I estimate that 6 human players would be max capacity on this map.

This map is solid, beautifully crafted, and offers some tight gameplay. Grab it now!

Reviewed by ren3of3

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (24 votes)

Download: Lithium Flower by NemiX