Lithium Flower
Lithium Flower by NemiX
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Whatscheiser Rep. 662
#16   17 Apr 2022
A little heavy on the boxes. Some are functional to aid in moving between floors, others are just there to enhance the look of the space. Regardless of which they seem to be in the way. I'd argue that replacing some of these with jump pads or even some ramps would have helped movement feel better. This is a bit of a nit pick though. It's a fun map and I'll be keeping it.
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#15   12 Sep 2020
Visually it is amazing (one of the most accomplished industrial settings I've seen), but the texturing is slightly confusing in terms of gameplay. It is still quite fun to play. A bit more space would have made it even better. It feels a bit tight in some places.
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#14   31 Aug 2012
It's sad to see such a brilliant mapper leave Q3 mapping :'(. I absolutely loved this map to the core. Amazing textures, brilliant gameplay and also excellent use of layout. 9/10
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#13   19 Jul 2010
version 2 is great. still needs the double jump from the MH to the top of the map though
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051R15 unregistered
#12   29 Jul 2009
Cramped, marginal connectivity, graffiti (and ads for Linkin Park and some other suckass corporate rock band).

Don't bother.

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T-kölök Rep. 2
#11   11 Jan 2009
It is very nice and good map! I like this!
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Mark unregistered
#10   25 Jun 2008
I downloaded this map on the basis of the review but mainly on the basis of the levelshot. Textures i absolutely adore and it appeared to make excellent use of cpma physics (the levelshot reminded me of Pull Your Socks Up - a fave of mine!). Well let me tell you i was a little disappointed. There are too many obstacles blocking what would have otherwise been some opportunities to pull off an interesting jump. The map is cramped and awkward in many places too, effectively cornering you unexpectedly during showdowns. This is the maps strength as well, as it is a challenge to master but in the end... bittersweet
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72 Rep. 0
#9   04 May 2007
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Don-X unregistered
#8   29 Jan 2007
Woosh..that is one wicked level, lots of detail, very creepy atmosphere with solid gameplay design. Thanks and Good luck.
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Fakeeye unregistered
#7   12 Jan 2007
Very nice map, textures like in one of Charon's map - great gameplay - my custom server has this one already in the loop
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v1l3 Rep. 1535
#6   31 Dec 2006
This is a badass map for a good duel.
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redfella unregistered
#5   30 Dec 2006
mmm, my favorite texture set!

Very nice!

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Tetzlaff Rep. 265
#4   04 Dec 2006
Very nice map, great layout. Only down is the complete lack of ambient sound.
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req unregistered
#3   24 Nov 2006
Great job, Lemmiwinks!
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PLaQue Aka BuDDaH Rep. 0
#2   22 Nov 2006
Well ... I will call it a very nice map, and this map is now one of my favorites. Nice graphics, weapon points, all nicely done for me. So this is to the maker, GOOD JOB.

For the people who dont know this map yet, this is a must have map !!!

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subst unregistered
#1   19 Nov 2006
excellent! =)
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