Unrealistic TurbiNation
Unrealistic TurbiNation by Garlical Onion

An Unreal Tournament re-make. The level is totally erratic with bazaar scale and brush work. The theme of the level is a mystery with corridors, ledges and stuff scattered about meaninglessly. All weapons and power-ups can be found, except flight. Bots have a few issues with the lifts, but otherwise do OK.

Very chaotic gameplay that may be fun for 1 match, not much more.

Tigs notes: As pointed out by Jemand and Tetzlaff, this level appears to be a remake of Unreal Realms. There is a very good chance that the author is the same for both releases.

Ranked: 3 out of 5 (4 votes)

Download: Unrealistic TurbiNation by Garlical Onion