Unrealistic TurbiNation

Title : Unrealistic TurbiNation
Filename : dm-ut9turbine.pk3
Author : Garlical Onion
E-mail : **Email Removed**
Description : Quake III: Arena deathmatch level

* Description *

Oh, I've released 2 prior prototypes of this map in may be by the end of 2002. What's new?
- Bots won't get stuck in some spots. Also I've add some new passage & a room to some places.
- Some of the textures has went far more darker so they won't appears to be too white wash under the lightings.
- Bots could get in & out past the doors to the BFG weapon without doing the moon-walk.
- Bots no longer wait for their SWAT bus at the BFG's spawning spot.
- Playable with 8 bots, and could be more.
- New passages
- Shorter spawn times for a few items.
- Bugs & ants fixed, but not slugs!

Thanks :
For both UT & Q3A, and the guy who created those "tgon" & "catq3tourney03" textures.
Also to the 30 y.o virgin guy.

* Copyright / Permissions *
UT & Q3A, and the guy who created those "tgon" & "catq3tourney03" textures.

Needs :
Pentium III 950 Mhz + 256MB RAM + TNT2 Ultra. Plus lasic eye surgeries! A copy of Need For Speed & eye protectors incase when your eye balls got hosed out from their sockets. Also need crotch protectors as well, since bitches are among the bots. Also to bring in the Ghost Busters!