SGDTT3 by Deathhead The Tormentor

The author's own readme sums up the map style: it's not nice but it makes fun^^!!!!. This is the author's 3rd map, as he states, and it shows: BFG, Quad, all powerups, and about 30 brushes total. The layout consists of a large central platform with all weapons, health and powerups scattered around. There is a central tower with a spiral staircase of jumppads. Naturally, the BFG is perched at the top. There are side jumppads that simply shoot you up to the YA.

For CTF there are jumppads along opposite sides of the main platform that shoot you along until you reach the flag. This could make for interesting gameplay for CTF players, but you can easily rocket jump from the main platform to the flag and back- avoiding the jumppads totally. Your opponents also respawn right next to their flag, and when they're bots- they just sit there. I applaud the author's creative ideas, but the execution does not merit solid gameplay fun.

Skip it.

Reviewed by remnent

Tigs notes: The mapmedia.pk3 is required to view this level with textures.

Ranked: 1.1 out of 5 (4 votes)

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