fractured by ROODOG

Aside from the level consuming repetition of the same stone texture, random lighting and the most confusing maze like layout ever played, it's actually quite fun for some strange reason. The map is quite large, consisting of two levels: running around within the jagged maze-like walls and running around on top of them. On the ground level, you have nothing but your weapons and a million overly darkened corners to work with. The rocket launcher and Shot Gun are dominant here.

To get atop of the walls, you either re-spawn on them or search for a teleporter on within the maze. On top, quick movement is necessary, but somewhat touchy. Too many crooked stairs and poor lighting make it way too easy to fall back into the maze. It's either annoying or adds to the excitement.

Weapon placement is great except for the bfg. Once a player or bot acquires one, it's all over. The bots actually navigate all around the map and surprised me by putting up a good fight, but like the author said, it's somewhat experimental and designed for fast online play.

You'll like it or you won't. Try it anyway.


Second opinion

Here we have a jagged maze of dark grey rock the likes of which Gollum would have trouble navigating. As with most maze levels, navigation tends to simply be a matter of luck rather than skill, which for me, removed any incentive to play it again.

Upon killing myself trying to rocket jump somewhere more interesting, I had the slightly ironic fortune of being respawned on top of the maze, an equally bland looking area littered with every pickup under the sun. I later stumbled across some discreet teleporters leading to the top.

Truly, if the author intends to build upon this concept I would advise he plans it out more carefully on paper and explores a more varied texture set so as to differentiate clearly between areas of the map. He may also wish to rethink his recommendation of 9 bots, as my first point each time I played was a telefrag.

I would not advise downloading this map unless you're a friend/relation of the author.

Reviewed by Text-Fish.

Ranked: 2.8 out of 5 (11 votes)

Download: fractured by ROODOG