the GrimSpa[e (v1.1)
the GrimSpa[e (v1.1) by the_nookie

These void/platform maps usually end up repeating themselves or other void maps. In terms of design "GrimSpace" is hardly original - it has all the stuff we have seen a zillion times before. Not that it's a bad thing in any way - the architecture still remains good with some custom stuff and cool light poles.

As for gameplay - sweet stuff! Tested with 2-4 bots on Hardcore and it plays smoothly. The bots navigate well through the map, picking up the Quad and they manage to stay on the platforms instead of falling down to their deaths. Never saw them picking up the BFG but I have got to say that it took some time before I even realized that the level has the weapon - and I never quite made it there. The combat is well balanced with all three weapons dominating the level - Shot Gun, Rail Gun and rocket launcher all come handy. The most juicy platform (out of three) is the one with both RL & Quad. Beware of skilled Rail Gunners!

While GrimSpace might look like all the other void maps it manages to stand out due to its smooth gameplay and well placed items.

Reviewed by Mikko Sandt

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (12 votes)

Download: the GrimSpa[e (v1.1) by the_nookie