Captured Arena
by on-X
Captured Arena by on-X

A standard but decent RA3 map: a waiting room, three duel arenas and one clan arena. For those of you who have played on-X's other maps, expect to see many familiar elements return in this one.

Texturing and lighting is not remarkable but it works well and manages to give each arena its own distinct look. The layout and game flow is good - you're happily going to be rocket jumping to and fro whilst crushing your opponents. The only rotten apple is arena 3, Behind The Pillars, that, due to its open nature, will have you as the target of a rail camper more than you'll like.

Like all RA3-style maps, bots are not supported.

Should you get this map? Sure thing, it's good for many an hour of good, clean fragging fun! Will you keep it? I should think so, I know I will.

Reviewed by misantropia

Tigs notes: I believe this level was on the map queue for almost a year and a half!

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (2 votes)

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