tribute by redfella

In redfella's tribute to Atari gaming, you find yourself in a museum filled with memorabilia of that long gone era. Texturing is very good as is the lighting: it has that soft and ambient quality you associate with real museums. The various rooms all have their own identity and the central hall just breathes atmosphere with its ornamental look. Well done.

Game play is sub-par however: the map is very susceptible to rail camping due to the large, open spaces. You'll find yourself bumping into wall decorations often _ they stick out all over the place. The red armor is just one rocket jump away from the MegaHealth, making map lock down far too easy. Not to mention the steep FPS drops you get in and around the main hall.

The bots do decent: they find their way around and go for most of the items, with the notable exception of the MegaHealth and the Rail Gun (which might be just as well).

Should you get this map? Yes, if it's good looks that you're after. If it's fast paced Deathmatch you want, look elsewhere.

Reviewed by misantropia

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (11 votes)

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