tribute by redfella
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#8   20 Oct 2012
Of all of redfella's maps, this one is my all time favorite. I remember playing this last year. Realism style maps are my most favorite, and the atmosphere is most comforting.

Loved all of those Atari games featured as well, even though I have only played a select few in my life rather than them all.


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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#7   17 Jan 2012
Will download later..
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Kyall Rep. 407
#6   10 Dec 2011
Nice map, a good tribute to all those classic Atari games. Would be cool if you could go outside though.
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DiGGiTY DoGGiE Rep. 0
#5   05 Sep 2005
Excellent map!
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Myth unregistered
#4   30 Aug 2005
Yeah this was (is) a great map. Good to see it get a review here finally.
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GONNAKILLYA unregistered
#3   26 Aug 2005
Nice map.

Attention to detail and overall lighting were well done.

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redfella unregistered
#2   21 Aug 2005
Thanks for the review misantropia/legrand.

Looking back, my decision to put a red armor and a megahealth so close together is beyond me... not sure why I did that. At the time I thought I had pretty well sorted out all the items, however thinking about it now I realize that room is in error.

Thanks for the server time Legrand, I'm going to try and hop on and see what its like with some folks fragging it out.

For my next several maps coming up, a lot more attention has been given to gameplay and less on visuals. My next release will be for q3 (which will also be my last for q3), and then a couple other maps that I have already prepared for the release of q4. ;) -Good times.


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Legrand [LN] Rep. 340
#1   21 Aug 2005
I'd pretty much agree with misantropia's comments. The map is a great throwback to my Atari days, and the atmospheric sounds are terrific. Why the two "megas" are so close together though, I don't understand. Too much poweer in one spot. Get those two items and the battlesuit, and you're golden. One other small nitpick I had was the joystick room that goes nowhere. There isn't any real reason to go in there and there's only one way in. I hate dead ends.

Anyway, overall, not too bad, but, as the review states, could be better vis-a-vis gameplay. It's in the rotation on our server, and will stay for a whle. for details, or /connect

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