<[tSN]> Terror Tombs
<[tSN]> Terror Tombs by <[tSN]=[KbE]>

Every map has a purpose in its own right but this map here I can honestly say has no purpose at all what so ever. The layout consist of very tight hallways with a couple of pointless traps that should have no even been included. Its more like a dead end layout than anything else. Brush work is very simple. Just a left click of the mouse and hit the hollow_button. Texturing is the same as the brush work. Nothing to say about it except there are plenty to choose from. Lighting is just some torch's to light up your pathway. Item placement is bad (a yellow armour close to a red armour for example). Weapon placement; IMO did not need to have any in this level. The Machine gun is enough. Bots did not play well.

Overall Outlook: The author notes in the Readme.txt of enjoying of messing games up. Well this map really shows that to be true. Nothing here to show that the author likes to map but just to play (which is fine and nothing against someone who just wants to build a map to run around in for some kinda LAN parties). But in general for wanting to continue to map I really cant give suggestion to someone who doesn't like mapping all around in the begin with. Hey you gave it a go.

Skip this one.

Reviewed by ShadowZombie

Ranked: 3 out of 5 (13 votes)

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