<[tSN]> Terror Tombs
<[tSN]> Terror Tombs by <[tSN]=[KbE]>
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nick13 Rep. 32
#7   12 Mar 2012
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#6   09 Jan 2012
Now this is what i call terror..
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gooball Rep. 1091
#5   07 Jul 2011
It's too small. 4.5/10
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Bionic Gerbil Rep. 20
#4   11 May 2005
Hi there

I dont want to be the one to cast the stone coz i definetely need to improve on mapping skills myself. But to release your first map, as is, may not have been the best idea. Although the theory behind the level has interesting aspects, I personally would have reconsidered releasing it as is.
A suggestion among many others:
Since it's really cramped in there, why not make it "q3 size" wider corridors, higher ceilings, etc. I requires q total rebuild, but envision it, maybe it would be worth exploring.

In fact, I recently found the .map of my very first lvl construction. ( A disaster and abuse of the "hollow" button) but I started fixing it. I am reconstructing from scratch revising all the major flaws. I am not sure it will be released, but maybe the revised version stands a chance. Yet to be seen.

No offence intended, just a share of my thoughts.

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Tig Rep. 1702
#3   05 May 2005
All levels submitted are reviewed unless they have a technical issues or do not adhere to the map submission requirements. For a full list of the requirements, check map submission page : lvlworld.com/howtosubmit
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nyxs-uk unregistered
#2   05 May 2005
yep everyones first map is special to them, however yor right don't know why its on lvl!
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The Author (yeah it's me unregistered
#1   31 Oct 2004
well...what should i say...actually, there is nothing more to say: i've done this map about 2 years ago, and it was my first room. The whole 'project' was ment to experience the making of a map, packing stuff together (readme etc) and publishing. It was absolutely not ment to be played :P. I've played it myself a couple of times against my nephew and it was a claustrofobic splash damage fight. Although this map is very bad, and yes it is very bad, i'm still a little bit fund of it cause it still remains my first one. At the moment i've created it i also did not follow a tutorial of any kind and did not have the proper experience. Now, i think, i have. I've started mapping again and what i've created until now looks & feels way better than terror tombs. I was actually surprised it was put on LvL (well, it was about a year too later but still it's ther) and it was downloaded 45 times...oh and about the clan...it fell apart after a year or so.
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