Dumb All Over
Dumb All Over by unitool
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Obsessed Rep. 658
#13   07 Jan 2020
Excellent map that stands out among many Q3 levels. A lot of vertical interaction! However, it's built so that the player must first get used to the "architectural nuances".
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WAR Rep. 136
#12   23 Nov 2014
Good looking, gloomy with good balance between vertical and horizontal action.
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AEon Rep. 780
#11   21 Aug 2009
I know this sounds pretty kitsch, but I'd have liked a nice sunny skybox to better highlight the architecture looking out, and to reduce the gloomy feeling of the otherwise beautiful map. The lighting is very contrasting, very dark areas next to well lit ones. A higher ambient light level would help, IMO.

Playing vQ3 bots on Hardcore (FFA), Visor has a few issues: Lowest level between columns he gets stuck, and trying to get up the stairs to the top level the bot uses the innermost stair edge, which can snag the bot a bit.

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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6420
#10   26 Aug 2008
i have to amend my previous comment - there is a quad that spawns near the very top of the map in ffa
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Mark unregistered
#9   01 Jul 2008
I have to say misaligned texturing and poor botplay were an issue here, and visor certainly doesnt own this map as he should (he isnt the best of bots at any rate) but it has great layout for tourney with 2 ya and no powerups lending itself nicely for this purpose. it is great to play on.
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{DEMO}LITION unregistered
#8   29 Oct 2004
There's probably one released every week at least... I reckon. If you mean that because this site hasn't been updated for a month, that is because the staff don't have enough time anymore... which is why they're looking for someone else to run it if possible.
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OverKIll unregistered
#7   29 Oct 2004
Nice i like it....Hmmm doesnt anyone make maps no more dont seem 2 be meny made these days, well i spose the game is about 5 years old now.
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bwabas unregistered
#6   19 Oct 2004
...a little ugly on the side :P
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Salais unregistered
#5   13 Oct 2004
Great for 2-4 Players.

We like maps where you dont look for other players too long and in this one you can see them all but too far to fire them

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amethyst7 unregistered
#4   02 Oct 2004
Woah! It's been released!!! OMFG!!! Congrats on another great map Uni, good to see yer still plunking away at them. ;-)
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{DEMO}LITION unregistered
#3   20 Sep 2004
Excellent map. unitool has made some great work here. Very worth while the download if you are a tourney fan.
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Paco Likes Taco Flavor'd unregistered
#2   19 Sep 2004

Nice job in releasing this SON OF A...if I do play it I will give it a 10! Wait I dont need to wait for that...

Your a fool if you think you dont need the tool!


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J2KoOl63 unregistered
#1   18 Sep 2004
First off Dumb All Over is not just a great tourney map but I also thought it was a great FFA. The layout of the map just wasn't my type but the bots played excellent. Lighting was a little dark in only some areas. This may cause bots to sneak up on you and shoot you down... which I hate a lot. Item placement was a little weird to me at first but you get used to it. Gameplay, well, rocked this map! The only problem with the bots is that I never saw them get to the Quad. Anyway you should keep this map on your hardrive for a while. 8/10


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