Dumb All Over
Dumb All Over by unitool

This map starts out with CPM written all over it. The beautiful Custom Cel Texturing from evil_lair is finished of with carefully built geometry. The author has the map set in some sort of black_fog void of death surrounding. Nice use of patches, especially on the stairs. The custom model bounce pad is really cool looking. There's one teleporter that puts you close to a drop off. Lighting has its nice touch to the map. Item and weapon placement work well with the level. Bots played just fine. There is a glass texture which is nice looking that came from sock.

Overall this Tourney map is a players dream. Good players can dominate the hell out of it. FFA just doesn't cut it here.

This ones has its replay value. Grab it!

Reviewed by ShadowZombie

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (31 votes)

Download: Dumb All Over by unitool