Ancient Ways
Ancient Ways by Anton
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Tig Rep. 1732
#7   05 Apr 2024
@sedawkgrep : Highly possible it triggers something in PainKeep or a secret. There are a number of switches (not just one).
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sedawkgrep Rep. 319
#6   05 Apr 2024
Does the switch located on the floor in between the two rooms with columns actually trigger anything?
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kokoa Rep. 159
#5   19 Sep 2013
A strange gothic touch. Beautiful marble pillars. An elegant and relatively good gameplay (bots move well).
I like this map. It is dynamic, very dynamic. Especially if there are more than two players. I give it a 4.5 because something is missing, but I really don't know what.
Anyway, is a map that I really liked.
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Anton unregistered
#4   19 Dec 2004
restore it
and play it again :)

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PrezzoX unregistered
#3   13 Dec 2004
Sorry for the late reply. Yeah, I played it, and I dig it. I have a list of maps I save everytime I delete Q3 from my harddrive, and yours are in that list ;) Worth a CD burn!
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Anton unregistered
#2   31 Oct 2004
Prezzox - did you play Skytown PKA version?
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Anton unregistered
#1   31 Oct 2004
1 year in queue!

Thanks, Prezzox!

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