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The Unabandoned Base
The Unabandoned Base by zyg0t3
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HDK! Rep. 414
#5   12 Dec 2012
Bastante buena
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 1110
#4   13 Jul 2011
I`m afraid I have to agree with what`s been said. There`s other dm3 remakes out there that blow this one out of the water as far as aesthetics go. (take swelt`s remake for instance) I don`t mind minimalist maps at all, but this is just ugly. Misaligned textures, horrible lighting (I think I remember that computer room being soaked in bright cyan lighting... really?) and even the proportions in places don`t match the original map.

Quake may not be intended to be an art museum, but there`s just no excuse whatsoever for sloppy texturing and lighting. It`s almost Cranky Steve worthy. Yup, I know it`s harsh but that`s honestly how I feel about it. :/

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auLucifer unregistered
#3   08 Nov 2004
I love my original Quake maps and have played a few good remakes. The best remakes are those that have 'adapted' to the latest quake. This is still just like the original.

Also what extra map packs do I need to enjoy the map? It feels as though I am missing at least half of the textures due to all the default textures. Ugly indeed. I generously give it a 2. Matched the original layout but thats all it has.

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DJ(KURWA) unregistered
#2   31 Oct 2004
Hard for me to enjoy the map because of the textures. It's nice to see someone try and I'd give you a 7 but I guess that's not the case. =]
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#1   30 Oct 2004
The authors use of textures isn´t good at all, especially by todays standards (compare it to psion´s Fortress 2089 for example). Looks very amateurish, the outside area (the original Pentagram area) with it´s horribly tiled stone textures looks far worse then in the original Quake map.

The architecture is haphazard and lacks a consistant theme, some areas are extremely tight and have wrong proportions.

Sorry about the hard words, but I think the review is way to positive. I can´t recommend the download.

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