The Unabandoned Base
The Unabandoned Base by zyg0t3

We all know the abandoned base from Quake. We've all played it and we've all loved it.

This re-make is very true to the original map, and it plays accordingly. The little courtyard where the MegaHealth is a good area for action, as is the connecting "pool area".

The authors use of textures is good, and the use of shadows is a good way to emphasize the dark gloomy nature of the map. If I had to pick one major stand out problem, it would be that some areas of the map are a little too dark; with the underwater exit to the "pool area" being a great example.

Also, some of the stairways and ramps seem a little steep; the stairway near the Rail Gun is a prime example. It's something that I'm sure the author noticed, however due to the amount of area available in that section of the map, there is not much zyg0t3 could do about it.

The map plays well over LAN, with my housemates, having a solid hour of play without boredom. I would recommend downloading this map. Its few problems are grossly outweighed by its brutal play.

Reviewed by kooliez

Ranked: 2.4 out of 5 (7 votes)

Download: The Unabandoned Base by zyg0t3