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Claustrophobopolis Again?!?!
Claustrophobopolis Again?!?! by zyg0t3
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HDK! Rep. 404
#3   12 Dec 2012
Looks great my amigo
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ix-ir unregistered
#2   20 Nov 2004
"I appreciate the map is a remake but in reproducing a level I feel it would be appropriate to make alterations that fit a different style of game play. If you like traps and pushing buttons you are in for a treat but if you feel that sort of thing is more akin to a single player level, you might be disappointed."

Well maybe dm2 isn't the map for those people. It's a remake of *dm2* ffs. As for traps being 'single playerish' I'd love to know where this mapping myth comes from, the skill level of 1v1 on dm2 is so far beond the morons who spout that junk.

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Tetzlaff unregistered
#1   31 Oct 2004
An interesting remake with some nice details. I don´t know if zyg0t3 made this map after his dm3 remake, but it´s a huge improvement over that one.
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