King of the Castle
by W01f
King of the Castle by W01f

One thing is very evident upon entering this small/mid size CTF; the author is starting out fresh. This Gothic floating map laid over a very cool sky_box by necros of lava surrounded by fire red mountains trying to heat things up. Well the layout is pretty much straight forward and virtually no vis_blocking what so ever. The center structure should have been turned in order to block incoming fire. There are 2 stairways on each side of the map to enter your enemy's base. The middle is the same. A launch pad at the reach of the side stairways to get you to the top of the middle structure, then a launch pad to get you on top of your enemy's base. The RG is waiting at the top with ammo is a campers dream. It is also a huge game play issue with the layout. Brush work was not bad at all for being the authors first map. Very limited use of textures however. Bots do not play very well.

The author has broken the surface. Now he needs to fine tune those bad points that CTF players do not want to see in a CTF map. Great effort though.

Worth a look, but CTF players might pass on this one.

Reviewed by ShadowZombie

Ranked: 3.1 out of 5 (11 votes)

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