The Nucleus
The Nucleus by WhiteLegion

One thing is for sure that this is the authors first attempt at mapping. This original base textured, tourney space floater shows the author does have what it takes to become a better mapper and just has to grow with the editor. The layout of the map is really not that good, neither was the game play. The brush work seems almost random. The texturing was neat and clean. Bounce pads where on spot for accurate landings (which was very nice). Item and weapon placement seem to be alright, but hard to really tell with the layout. Lighting was a good as it gets for a floater. Bots played ok but don't go for the Mega-health due to its location.

Fun factor is missing and more time mapping will prove that the author can create some better maps. More beta testing would have been nice.

Download for a quick peek, but that's all.

Reviewed by <:ShadowZombie:>

Ranked: 2 out of 5 (6 votes)

Download: The Nucleus by WhiteLegion