Industrial Skin and Bone
by Geit
Industrial Skin and Bone by Geit

All of Geit's formidable level design experience is on display in this labyrinthine map. The degree of connectivity is extreme, and while it makes for some thinking man's gameplay, the learning curve is steep.

Partly this is due to the lack of visual variety across the different areas of the map, with a heavy use of Sock's tech texture set throughout, which makes it hard to navigate.

Distribution of weapons, ammo and health is good, and there always seems to be just enough around to get by. The quad is cleverly placed at the very bottom of the level for added difficulty.

FPS is excellent: with a decent card you should have no trouble maintaining 100+. Botplay is good too. They seem to prefer no particular area and circulate well.

This is advanced mapping from a seasoned mapper. Well worth the download.

- seremtan

Tigs notes: Very enjoyable! Great for a 4 to 6 player DM or TeamDM match.

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (23 votes)

Download: Industrial Skin and Bone by Geit