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Industrial Skin and Bone
by Geit
Industrial Skin and Bone by Geit
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raspatan Rep. 3819
#11   07 Mar 2021
Some unique texturing and modelling here (particularly ceilings). It plays ok. Could not get the thrill some votes and comments suggest. Too many corridors. A bit of a complex layout imo.
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Ahmad4MayLod Rep. 10
#10   23 Aug 2018
Great map :)
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Vicarious Rep. 158
#9   27 Feb 2018
beautiful map
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FragTastic Rep. 1492
#8   18 Jul 2012
I must say that this is quite an impressive map for a casual Team DM match. Bot play is good but does get laggy at some points which does quite annoy me a little but it can be fixed. Textures are finely brushed and has a smooth feeling to it. The item placement was fine in this map although I did want a few more Grenade Launchers added in the map. Not Bad! 7/10
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Tig Rep. 1094
#7   18 Dec 2006
About the spectator bug: My guess is there no info_player_start entity in the map.

Also the download links work fine now :]

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Phoenix Rep. 40
#6   17 Dec 2006
I found a few bugs with the map. There's some broken wall geometry in the Quad room with the wall between the bouncepad and the hallway to the right of the bouncepad. You can see the misaligned textures. Also, going to Spectator produces a console error: G_Picktarget: target interm not found.
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J2KoOl63 unregistered
#5   17 Jul 2004
Well made map by Geit. The name describes it all. Bots play well but they seem to bunch up on the bottom floor when I play. I liked the tiny room for the rocket launcher(one of them) how it was placed on a cloth and hanged above the death fall. I also thought one of the flooded rooms were cool with the chains and the skull hanging on one of the chains. Cool Level!



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Rotary Fist unregistered
#4   30 Jun 2004
The problem of download links is simple - web maker wrote the links bad - it should be "<a href="lvlworld.com/download" Target="_TOP">www.planetquake.com</a>..." (etc etc), but the link is written only "planetquake.com/lvl/..."
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Tig unregistered
#3   17 Jun 2004
Yep, I can't login either. gg FilePlanet :]

There is a download link on the authors web site. I suggest you try that one.

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nitin unregistered
#2   17 Jun 2004
nope, cant login to fileplant either. I end up at the same not logged in page no matter what I try.
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I Wanna Download unregistered
#1   16 Jun 2004
Hmmmm..... Can't seem to download anything today. Anyone else having download problems?
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