The Epic Battle
The Epic Battle by VilePickle

'The Epic Battle' really is a case of what might have been. The look of the map is just a little reminiscent of Raven's 'Heliotropic Dreams'. The level makes good use of some excellent textures and shows off some excellent brush work. The problem with 'The Epic Battle' is all we really have here is one small, split level room encased in a skybox. Pretty it certainly is, but in truth this is more of a good start than a completed level. If only there was more! There is a little z-fighting to be found and a few sparklies thrown in for good measure. There is a lack of clipping in places, its all too easy to get snagged on some of the details.

For such a little level the item load is a touch over done. Gameplay, due to the nature of the level, tends not to hold the interest.


Ranked: 3.3 out of 5 (2 votes)

Download: The Epic Battle by VilePickle