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The Epic Battle
The Epic Battle - vpdm1 ===================================================== --MAP INFORMATION-- Title: The Epic Battle Version: Final 1.0 Filename: vpdm1.bsp Created By: VilePickle Author Email: **email removed** Type: DM/Tourney Description: Set in an ancient courtyard, the beautiful scenery is filled with intense action. Web: www.vilepickle.com Compile Date: 12/18/03 Started: 12/1/03 Levelsource.com Contest Date: 12/1/03 to 12/21/03 ====================================================== --DEVELOPMENT-- Basic layout done from my head, no reference drawings whatsoever. FINAL CHANGES/FIXES: -Lessened the loudness of bg sounds. -More trim detail added to some areas -Look out for r_speeds, the map is mostly a beautiful thing, but it does play well. -More clip. BETA 2.0 CHANGES/FIXES: -Item position reworked -Quad removed -Alternate route up added -More trim detail added ====================================================== --COMPILATION-- CPU: 2.7GHz P4 RAM: 768MB PC2100 DDR COMPILER: q3map2 2.5.11 TYPE: The good type. ====================================================== --THANKS TO-- Playtesters: Twister, El-Dred Special/Mapping Help: #q3radiant, #levelsource irc.gamesnet.net, levelsource.com Textures: ik, Graphtallica ====================================================== --INSTALLATION-- Place the pk3 in your /baseq3 directoy. Want to play on localhost? Go into Skirmish under the SP menu and select this map from the list. Start up! ====================================================== 2003 VilePickle. All Rights Reserved Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.
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